GM Frenguins!

Born out of a hilarious Discord conversation, DikPikPenguins - or DPP - quickly evolved into something more. Following our successful NFT project, we know it is time for the next move. After a break, during which our penguins stayed frozen, we're finally taking the plunge and introducing our MEME coin $DIK.

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  • #1 Ethical Meme Coin
  • $DIK Token on Base
  • 1% tax for charity
  • Liquidity Pool Tokens burnt forever
  • Smart Contract renounced
  • NFTs on ETH Mainnet


- Pengunomics

  • Liquidity Pool - 80%. We've dedicated the majority of our tokens - 80% - to the liquidity pool to ensure its strength and stability.
  • Marketing, CEX Listing - 10%. To ensure long-term sustainability and project growth, DPP reserves 10% of its tokens for essential purposes, such as marketing and CEX listings, which are crucial for securing project longevity.
  • NFT Holder & Community - 10%. For our community and our NFT holders, we've set aside 10% of tokens as a reward. But instead of a one-time distribution, we will use a vesting schedule and other options to keep the token price stable and foster long-term engagement.

    Psst... Don't forget! There are still NFTs waiting to be minted, each entitled to a slice of the token pie. Get in early beforethey're all gone!

Upholding Our Values.

At DikPikPenguins, we pride ourselves on our commitment to integrity, transparency, and fairness.

  • No rugpulling. Embracing Trust and Transparency: Rugpull-free since 2021.
  • No presale. At our core, we believe in equal opportunity. That's why we'veopted for a fair launch approach, without any presale privileges.
  • No false promises. With us, what you see is what you get. We make no false promises.
  • Mission. Waddling to the moon while spreading happiness and smiles.
  • Goals. Achieving sustainable growth through community engagement.
  • Remember. Have fun, share love, keep smiling, and above all, don't take life too seriously.

DPP is more than just a project; it's a community-driven movement. What makes them stand out is the team's strong dedication, commitment to transparency, and focus on long-term sustainability

Taking a Stand Against Digital Harassment

We’re engaged in a MEME project featuring a Penguin snapping a photo with his phone, but it’s essential to acknowledge the serious implications of unsolicited image sharing in real life. This behavior constitutes a form of abuse that too many individuals endure.

At our core, we adamantly oppose such actions and allocate a portion of our proceeds to support organizations combating this issue.